This has certainly been a different year and one that has not only been an eye opener but also a learning curve.  I'm thankful for our freedoms here in the US and yet also disgusted in the current transpiring conditions because of those freedoms. Some seem to use as their own agenda.. not a UNITED society.  and NOT for United freedom nor justice for all. 

The fact that so many Americans cannot endure staying home .And wow can't stand being at home with there kids?..WOW! . Have no clue how to cook a meal (that in itself was astonishing to me that so many people rely on the restaurant industry as an every day event.  Going to a restaurant for us is a "treat" and a special event.. Not a daily "Necessity".  Now I am not stating that anyone else's lifestyle is wacked.  I'm Just stating that I had no idea so many people relied on others for the simplicity of food.  AND the restaurant industry is huge... My husband a part of it delivering food for those restaurants.. (a lost and thankless job working endless hours thru the night over mountain passes).  your welcome.  No idea how many people cannot stand being at home...... It is my favorite place.... 

There has been many eye openers in this pandemic.. Most of which is the selfishness of others and lack of care for others health.  I just learned here in Central Oregon one of our elderly care facilities now has 31 cases new .  IT is on lockdown.  I witnessed over 4th of July more than half of the cars on the road being Washington and CA plates coming thru our beautiful little area.  We are already experiencing forest fires (man made)... PLEASE be respectful.  IF you have to travel for whatever reason wear a mask when out..... IF you are out in our forests RESPECT them.. take out what you take in.. Fires only in designated fire pits and completely extinguish.. PLEASE........ PLEASE use common sense.  AND have respect for others... GOD bless.. AND now . -----

Because its us.. AND we have chosen to be on lockdown.. A lot for us because we are the sole providers for our animals.. BUT also because we take care of Randys folks who are in their late 80s and 90s.  Respectfully staying in a clean environment for them.  SO here we are ..AFTER much waiting................. HAIR CUT DAY!!!.. enjoy.. Lol

Covid 19 = different lifestyle

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