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Every year it is a stressful STRESSFUL time .... I really LOVED and miss growing my own feed for my animals.... IT was EASY.... YOU know what you get.. YOU have full timing on cutting, storage ..... I so enjoyed the learning process of growing a great quality crop. I took PRIDE in it.

IT seems every year it is a stress to find quality and find delivery.. The new ranch does not have the option of growing enough hay for winter purposes.. Best to use pasture for summer grazing. . Delivery has been a huge issue. AND finding a good quality hay with a honest seller. . I am not one that wants to wait till the last minute.. My animals will always be cared for and eat and drink before I do.... IT seems we alway try to get ahead of the game but my stress level blows the roof as the hay does not come till the last minute.. I'm not really sure why .. At first I thought maybe we are a "little fish" in the industry.. but purchasing 15 ton at a time Doesn't seem small? $4,000 PLUS regardless its been a struggle to get hay delivered. Too much? Too little? OR just ship it over the pass.... ANYWAY.. WE did get 12 ton delivered of some really nice looking 700LB bales today.... We've only done the smaller bales prior.. WHAT I see with that is so much inconsistent quality per bale from an individual pasture and huge price gouging. I'm happy with this delivery.. It was about 30 % $ less than our prior purchases ( much of that is because these are larger bales). The larger bales will be great in the winter to just plop out in the pasture!..


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