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Today was quite amazing! AND at first sad AS I though oh no, we are losing our colony again.... BUT then after hive inspection tonight I do believe that a honey bee colony set down on our fence not out of our hive . Our hive seems intact . AND although it did have some queen cells (which I removed) I did find the queen in the colony. I decided to harvest one frame of honey to make more room. The swarm on our fence was spectacular.. AND as we scrambled to set up to capture them they released and off they went.. I did not capture it on video but it was AMAZING!.... Wish we could have captured them in another hive. BUT here we are harvesting honey and our beautiful bees made it thru the winter!.. WE dont have any fancy extraction machines.. ONLY scraping and straining and it works!... Honey in a jar! I use the wax for my skin care products.... nothing wasted..

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