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Pheasant relocation to their new enclosure

Today was one of those fun days when you get to see the rewards of hard work. Moving the 11 week old pheasants into their new large enclosure. Although I dont think at the time the pheasants thought any of it was fun, I'm sure they will love this new pen with a large covered shed for shelter, fenced entirely with heavy netting on top, along with branches and green grass.

Its been a fun experience so far with these beautiful birds. They are by far the most skittish bird I've ever owned but that in itself also adds to their charm. I've enjoyed watching the males feathers start to turn as they mature. Their little noises they make and hearing their calls mature along with their interactions. Looking forward to watching them in their new pen. They are growing fast and will mature out in a few months. Our plan for them is for meat purposes keeping in mind retaining 2-3 hens and one cock thru winter to hopefully collect eggs and hatch out in the incubator for the next generation. We'll also offer a few pairs for sale for others to enjoy.

The pheasants have been a great addition to the ranch with our continued education in animal husbandry, gardening and gathering, and being as self sufficient and useful of all the gifts given to us as we possibly can.

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