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PIGS..And how I became a pig mom!

My love of pigs started in 2013 with rescuing a two week old heritage Red Wattle piglet from a local meat farmer. He was a runt and typically they "dispose" of the runts so the other piglets can thrive. I had no idea how to care for a piglet at the time. lots of research online and some help from a few other pig farmers and the feed store, the little piglet I named Winston Wilbur Jackpot grew to be a very large pig! Gentle and kind to all the other animals and people alike. People would stop on the roadway to say "hi" to this amazing pig!.. One of my favorite memories of Winston was the UPS driver knocking on the door to alert me to a loose pig on the property. (Winston had full rein and was never in a pen, loved touring the property and napping on the back porch)... I asked the UPS driver to please not tell him he is a pig. He had no idea.. And after that every delivery Winston was right there with he dogs accepting his dog cookie with the others from the UPS man...

Winston had many adventures and many visitors. HE was SOME PIG..... And People would come to the ranch just to visit Winston who was always more than willing to say "hi" especially if you brought a treat along!....

Winston grew so large that winters became increasingly hard for him to get up and move around. He had suffered an injury prior that also hindered his movements. Sadly we made the decision in his best interest to let him go in peace and no more pain. It was a hard and felt decision..

I will always remember my sweet boy.. ALWAYS kind ... His antics of breaking into the house and destroying the pantry and kitchen. Ripping up any and all coverings and sleeping bags I gave him.. The way he would run across the pasture when he just knew these people visiting are here to see him... AND always.. always his kindness towards all the animals and people... RIP sweet Winston Wilbur Jackpot. I know many people that had never touched a pig gained a new respect and love of such an amazing creature.....

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