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Pond Life

Its taken a few years to get the pond life back but we are finally HERE!. Sadly we hired someone to clear the pond five years ago of some algae that had developed. They clearly did not understand pond management. What was left was a lifeless pond.

Determination, planting, transplanting and we are back to a beautiful eco system. The pond is used to irrigate the pastures. The water comes from Sisters Irrigation District. The pond is filled thru canals from mid April thru first of Oct. for the farming season.

On todays walk with the pups we came across many fun critters! Lady bugs, snakes, frogs, tadpoles, monarch butterflies, two nice sized bass, a blue gill, and many many sightings of birds thru the past few months including mallard ducks, blue heron, king fisher, red winged blackbird, black birds, swallows, bald eagle, many varieties of hawks, finch, stellar Jay, robins, nut hatches, chickadee, buzzards, and doves.

Enjoy a few photos taken today of our vegetation coming back and a few other shots.

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