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Something new and exciting!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

BUNNIES!...... I had a pet rabbit as a child.. litter boxed trained, I wish I remembered more from that time. WE have gone back and forth on the meat rabbit adventure... With this Covid 19 it pushed me forward to find and help out some of those 4H kids during this time. They work endless hours for months for the fair... DEDICATED to their animals.... AND....... Sadly many kids are not being allowed to show their animals this year. I had great pleasure speaking with these two kids about their rabbits and their ventures. Both very knowledgeable and lovely to converse with.. The young lady especially was excited to sell her rabbits so that she could start her new business venture.!

HERE they are.... Lil white one is the buck ... half Californian and half New Zealand..... The two girls are registered American Chinchilla. WE dont have their habitat set up yet but they are doing just fine in what we have. We need to move the pheasant juveniles to the flight pen then we will build the rabbit hutches and habitat. IT will have cages to separate but also areas to free range... We are also building a portable grazing pen free from predators so they can roam and graze in the pastures .....

LET us know your name suggestions!.... 

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