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Summer evenings

I LOVE summer time! Watching the babies from the spring grow, the smell in the air, watching each months new wave of flowers bloom. The longer days, the frogs in the pond, the colors of the sky. I love all seasons but summer especially. Mostly because of the longer days and WARMTH! But truly I just love all the color, the animals happy and new projects started and finished. Best of all I love camping, fishing, and meeting up with friends to enjoy these fast few months of Summer.

This year is quite different with Covid 19. We have stayed at the ranch for the most part except for some necessary medical issues and a few supplies and animal feed. WE did sneak out (see in the forum link) for a fishing trip to Crane Prairie.. A success! and we had zero contact with the few people there. We chose to stay isolated for our own health and for those around us. Times are very different and I do miss our visitors to the ranch. AND hope that we can resume a bit of normalcy sometime soon. WE have lots of new additions with more to come!

Happy Independence Day to everyone. STAY safe.. Stay healthy......

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