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The Garden

Today I harvested cilantro, basil and parsley for the freeze dryer. Also did some fertilizing with our barrel feed bag fertilizer tea. (poop from the farm placed in feed bags and set in water tubs for fertilizing the garden ). Cabbage is doing well, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, summer squash, watermelon and various herbs all doing well!.. Working on our beets and radishes. Carrots are coming in well also. And A couple egg plants and onions. We grow most in greenhouses here with the unpredictable weather of Central Oregon. Our fruit trees sadly looked so promising then we had a freeze... So I'm not hopeful again..... We are going to be incorporating more edible vegetation in the landscaping to utilize more ground for our needs... ANIMALS and humans!.... I ordered watercress that I will be planting around the pond.. And also a "goat" mix for the far south east pasture where the goats reside!.. And then there is the flower gardens... I am getting a really slow start on my wild flowers but the last few years are coming thru!.... Gardening in Central Oregon: Learning, growing, loving, defeat, excitement, joy, frustration, ACCOMPLISHMENT!.....

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