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Turkey TOMS!

We've had turkeys in the past that we'd purchased from some of the big feed store chains. We've never had success with them in raising even to meat guild. Nor can you breed them, as they are infertile... . So We'd been on the hunt for some heritage breeds to add to the farm.. Needless to say with the Corona 19 virus it was extremely difficult to find any.

Just when I'd given up - our neighbor across the street hatched out several! So we purchased six in hopes to keep a couple hens and a Tom and butcher the remaining three for friends and family God willing they survive . (BIRDS! Its a never ending battle with predators)...

And here we are less than a week after picking them up and I have two very proud pumping Toms so far!..ALREADY posturing! The one I thought was a Tom as it would herd the others to safety in corners, I now believe is a hen. Learning! Just as with all our other animals we learn from the breeders, youtube, the internet and success's and failures. These beauties are a mix of Black Spanish, Slate and Narragansett. Fun breeds!.. AND duly exciting as we've never had a Tom turkey roaming around the barn!..

We are excited to see how these look as they mature into adults!

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