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TURKEYS get their outdoor enclosure!

WE are thrilled to have the new enclosure done for the turkeys. Here at the ranch we have so many predators. From eagles, hawks then coyotes, cats.. We'd love to let them free range.. YET upon trying this with our chickens it was a harsh learning experience losing three hens within hours to predators....

We no longer own horses, so we are turning the barn around to work with the animals we are raising..... An easy fix to return to a horse facility BUT for us its time to create a space for us and our animals that will work for us. Creating a comfortable environment for the animals and an easy area for us to work with.

We are working on portable pens "tractor" for the birds and the rabbits. You can place them in the pen which is predator proof with chicken wire and allow them to graze in the pastures... A win win cutting down on feed and giving the animals the outside sunshine they need to be healthy. WE will use these for the chickens, rabbits and turkeys... THAT will come in a later video.....

For now here is today - releasing the turkeys into their new outside pen....

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